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Today's method of removing skunks and babies from your home can be affordable and easy. skunk removal companies complete an inspection of the area in order to determine the entrance and exit locations for the skunks nesting area. If you've watched the skunk entering or exiting from its location, you can provide this information to your skunk removal specialist.
The trick for dealing with skunk removal is knowing how to humanely remove the babies. Removal of skunk babies and knowing what to look for after the job is started will make for a smooth and stress free removal process.



The best way to handle a skunk infestation is to hire a Animal Removal Company specializing in skunk control and removal such as Affordable Wildlife Control. Not only will these wildlife control experts have the proper equipment, but they'll also know how to avoid being sprayed by the skunks! Since they have the skills and tools needed to remove a skunk safely and successfully, it just makes sense to request their services. In fact, local ordinances might prevent you from removing the skunk on your own.  

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Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto
Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto
Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto
Most skunk removals are accomplished through the use and installation of prevention screening, blocking the animal out of its burrow. Live cage traps are another way to get rid of a nuisance skunk. Once captured, the skunk is relocated at least one kilomete from your residence. 
Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto
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Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto
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Affordable Skunk Removal Toronto
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What You Should Do If You've Been Sprayed by a Skunk  - Affordable Wildlife Control Tips

  Skunks are small animals that forage for food. In particular, they enjoy going through garbage piles in search of easy meals. As a result, they often find their way into the backyards of homeowners in search of food. If you approach or startle a skunk, it might feel threatened and spray you. A skunk has two small ducts located beneath its tail. When the animal feels endangered, it produces a spray from these ducts.

 If you've been sprayed directly in the face, flush your eyes with clean water as quickly as possible. Skunk spray is extremely irritating to the eyes and causes immediate pain. The irritation diminishes as you rinse your eyes, so you should continue rinsing until the pain is gone. It is important to contact your physician to discuss any remaining medical issues that you are experiencing.

  Remove your clothing, shower, and wash your hair next. Use lots of soap and water to help eliminate the spray and odour. If the odour remains, purchase carbolic soap to use as you shower a second time. Toss your clothes in the washing machine for a thorough cleaning.

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 Skunks are legendary for their ability to produce a foul-smelling spray, are they're easy to recognize. Most skunks are about the size of a house cat and black in color. White markings (stripes, swirls, and spots) make it easy to identify that the animal is a skunk. If threatened, a skunk will lift its long, fluffy tail and release an oily spray that smells foul. While this spray isn't harmful, its odor is difficult to remove. It can take several days for the noticeability of the odor to diminish, even with the use of skunk-odor removal products.